Tips & Tricks

Question - How do I get rid of those “Pesky” pop up ads on my web browser?

Answer - There are many ad blockers that integrate into your web browser. For Mac Users we have tested Adblock which installs easy, low price, and works on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Question - I am using “Safari” web browser and when selecting a video channel I get a rotating circle trying to start the channel but the channel does not start to play. What do I do?

Answer - When you select a music channel on Safari and get the rotating circle trying to load the video you can click above the rotating circle and then about 1 second later click again. The video channel should start. We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers as those do not have this problem.

Question - How do I play “Full Screen” on my display?

Answer - When your video is playing place your cursor on the video playing and the lower menu will appear. There you can see the icons to “Fast Forward”, play “Full Screen”, and other options.

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